A one-year-old child

madness.pngThessaly turns 1 this Friday, which is kind of hard to believe. And she’s spent the last few weeks reminding us just how good we’ve had it for the last year.

A week of no naps.

She’s been walking now for about a month, and thusly using more energy, and requiring more rest to make up for this expenditure. She sleeps a good 10 or so hours a night. But she’s still only napping for 1 hour at a time, and there are days when she only gets 1 or 2 naps. And it’s not enough. This leads to afternoons full of crabby crabby baby.

She’s also working on 3 teeth, the two front and the remaining incisor. This causes drool, snot, and pain. Which adds another wet and crabby dimension to the child.

A week of early wake up times

Bed times have been a consistent 7pm (despite my desire for her to go to bed at 3pm somedays and sleep for a week). But wake up times have been sliding earlier and earlier lately. This morning, we got a 5:30am wake up call, and it’s been the same all week. Which is fine, but it’s adding up to less sleep for an already tired baby.

A week of Dad not getting much of anything done.

Because of this week’s shift into high maintenance mode, I’m getting nothing done during the day. Which leads to a crabby Dad. And I’m starting to get a cold ( or they’re allergies), so I’m starting to do a very good impression of a crabby 1 year old.

Q-Burger Season 4 Update:

I broke ground on the 4th Season this last week, starting the penciling for the first scene (4 pages). I misjudged the amount of work required to polish the script, but I’ve got 22 of what I’m guessing will be about 80 episodes finalized, along with the corresponding page layouts.

At this point, I’m planning to publish the first episode of Season 4 on the first Tuesday in July, which looks like July 1st.