Vacation no longer connotes pleasure

sadness.pngI’m writing this, just having returned from yet another unpleasant hotel experience.

The wife took a week of vacation these past 7 days or so, and she decided that the last stretch of time off would be spent visiting her parents in Western Minnesota, near Alexandria and solidly embedded in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily, there was a hotel near there with beds for us to rest our weary bones, a smallish indoor water park for Thessaly to splash in, and fairly decent wireless internet connectivity for me to work and play with.

Visage of Unspeakable Evil

Naps are hard for a young child to come by when visiting Erin’s family. And when there is a lack of naps, the young child begins to alternate between her normal, happy state and another state which is difficult to describe in words, but is identifiable by loud crying, much wriggling to avoid being held, and a countenance of much evil. This vacillation starts slowly, but increases in frequency until is it nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two states of existence.

Lessons from Tucson

I learned much from my stay in Tucson. First and foremost, pack a lot of clothes for the child. And while we didn’t encounter the same fecal horrors that plagued us in AZ, we did not escape unstained.

However, the more applicable lesson is that if you stay in a hotel with a light sleeping child who’s bedtime is 6 or 7pm, which we have, you pretty much are done with your day at 6 or 7pm. And then you either go sit on the patio and enjoy the sunset and the view (as we did in Tucson), or you sit quietly in the dark. Maybe you surf the internet. But you don’t watch TV or talk or do anything else that creates any kind of noise.

Lest you again summon unholy shrieks of anger from the crib nearby.

And then…snow

Friday, April 25th, a date that appears on the calendar more than a month after the first day of spring, was marked (besmirched?) by an incredible amount of snow in Western Minnesota.

Saturday, April 26th was a day when two things happened: 1) It continued to snow assloads, and 2) we drove home. And, there’s a distinct possibility that a third event also took place: I became very angry at the world.

I’m not entirely certain of this fact because whenever this happens, as often occurs when I drink too much, I lose time. However, my wife asserted that, at minimum, I was not in a good mood.

I should be thankful, though. I did not smother my family in the night with a freshly laundered pillow. And we made it home safely. And I don’t have to go anywhere again anytime soon.