My First Speeding Ticket

While on a recent trip to visit my parents, we drove the new car through a small town called Delano, where I was forced to take a detour, a detour that was created solely to make the county some easy money off of out-of-towners unfamiliar with the territory.

This toll-road masquerading as a detour included a long, relatively uninhabited stretch of road that just felt like it was a 45 mph zone. So I was cruising along with my wife and baby in the car at a reasonable 47 mph when I stumble upon a speed trap with two cops sitting below the only sign I saw posting a 30mph speed limit, both of them ready to spring.

Not only did the experience ruin my day, but it destroyed my streak of NO speeding tickets. It should be noted that it DID seem to entertain my wife quite a bit.

The baby, however, didn’t really seem to notice. And I suspect that she was most likely reminiscing about this recent escapade.

Toilet Paper Madness

She’s been making my days just a little more taxing recently.