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writing.pngAs a writer, I’m fascinated by scripts. Because screenplays (and to a much lesser extent, comic scripts) filtered through so many other eyes and interpreted by other minds, you’re often getting an end product that differs quite a lot from the original idea.

Sometimes it’s for the best, and you get a great film. And sometimes (MOST times, some would argue) it destroys the idea, dilutes it.

I like to see the original idea. I like to see just what a producer or director saw fit to change. I like to hear the writer describe what’s happening and see if my imagination produces the same result as that which appears on the screen.

You can buy screenplays at any bookstore, but I’ve found that they’re often not the actual working script. And many times they’re just a transcript of the film instead of the screenplay.

So where does one find good, real, working drafts of scripts? Let me help you with that. Check out The Daily Script.

What can you find there? A range of first drafts, shooting drafts and final drafts, from many movies and TV shows

  • Several scripts from the first season of LOST, including the pilot.
  • The pilot episode of Arrested Development
  • The pilot episode of Heroes
  • And tons of movie scripts from Airplane! to You Got Mail!

This is an excellent resource for aspiring screenwriters, and for comic writers, too.


The Daily Script