I, Introvert

hooded guy.jpgJoe Kissell has written a meaty article about being an introvert in the 21st century and the perils of the cultural impact of newer technologies like Instant Messaging and Twitter.

Being a hopeless introvert myself, I’m frequently drawn in by articles like this.

While I’m not opposed to the use or the utility of these technologies, I don’t find myself using them. And I don’t think it’s the constant interruption factor, although it certainly plays a part. You can’t get anything done while carrying on an IM conversation of any kind of substance. I’m not comfortable with the constant availability that results from it.

Facebook falls into the same category, I think. While I have a Facebook account, and despite my complete inactivity, I’m still slowly accumulating friends simply by having my name on the system. The thing is, I don’t like every move I make, every setting I change, every switch I twiddle being broadcasted to everyone on my network.

And I sometimes find myself uncomfortable with the notion of having a comic and a blog with my name on it out there in the wild, available for any and everyone to see. But my desire for approval and admiration overcomes the discomfort. And a blog is much more controlled a method of exposure, and not a complete firehose of invitation into my personal life.

So, Facebook people…I’m not ignoring all those invitations and little poking games because I don’t like you. I’m just an introvert.