A Musical Friday with The KLF

The KLF200804161406.jpg

The Timelords (Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty) evolved into The KLF, a band heavy on samples, dance beats, and a dash of the hip-hop. They’re considered pioneers of “stadium house”, rave music with crowd noise mixed in.

From the outset, they adopted the philosophy espoused by esoteric novels The Illuminatus! Trilogy, gaining notoriety for various anarchic situationist manifestations, including the defacement of billboard adverts, the posting of prominent cryptic advertisements in NME magazine and the mainstream press, and highly distinctive and unusual performances on Top of the Pops. Their most notorious performance was at the February 1992 BRIT Awards, where they fired machine gun blanks into the audience and dumped a dead sheep at the aftershow party. This performance announced The KLF’s departure from the music business, and in May 1992 the duo deleted their entire back catalogue.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_klf

I owned The KLF’s “The White Room” cassette waaaay back in the early 90’s. It was an album that was very out of place amongst my collection of generally dull music.

But there was something about these Justified Ancients of Mu Mu that intrigued me, so I listened to the album not infrequently as an impressionable teenager.

And they came again to the forefront of my mind when I finally read The Illuminatus! Trilogy, a book that you simply must read.

And now, performing their 1991 Single, “Justified and Ancient”…