A Fresh Veteran of the Car Wars

200804141337.jpgWith the previously mentioned death of the Escort last week, we were on a mission to find and acquire a new vehicle. And in that endeavor…we were successful.

Erin had done lots of research into her car of choice, a Toyota Camry (I did a little bit, the night before we went shopping), so we had a pretty good idea of what they were going for, both used and new.

So we took a little afternoon trip to the Burnsville Toyota place, which was one of many car lots in what appeared to me as a sizable village populated by vendors of every single automobile manufacturer in the world.

We managed to find what we were looking for in a pretty nice 2005 Toyota Camry XLS.

36k miles on it. A good price on it. And some bells and whistles to boot, like a sunroof, power seats, tape deck, cd changer (not that we ever use that dead media).

It was still more than I would have wanted to spend on a…well, ANYTHING, but it’s a good car. I fit in it as a passenger when carting a rear-facing car seat (something we’ll be doing for a good long time), and, because we won’t be doing anything other than family trips in it, it should last a good long time.

My reaction

I hated the experience, but the painful extraction of our money at the Burnsville lot was an exquisite pleasure compared to our one other car shopping experience at a dealership in Golden Valley. I don’t remember the name right now or else I’d be telling you to avoid the joint no matter what.

To put it in perspective, in the time it took us to get the attention of a salesman, get passed off to TWO other salesmen, and finally abandoned in the lounge for nearly an hour at the dealership in Golden Valley, we were able to find the salesman Erin had made an appointment with, test drive two cars (installing a car seat in each), hem and haw and discuss amongst ourselves, sit down with the sales guy, negotiate a price (which Erin did very well while I kept Thessaly entertained), fill out the initial paper work, talk to the financing guy, and get the car and drive home.

Anyway, it was a success.

The car works, and we’ve been able to successfully complete a couple of grocery runs, a trip out of town to visit my parents, and a family jaunt down to Grand Ol’ Creamery for a couple of tasty, tasty ice cream cones.

Thessaly likes ice cream. So does my pregnant wife. I on the other hand would die without it.

Now I just need to get on the donation people who are supposed to be coming to pick up the dead Escort.


Toyota Camry (on Wikipedia)