Dateline: Tucson

Right now, I’m sitting on a patio in the early morning Tucson sun. It’s a wonderous 60 degrees, but it’ll get up to 70 something today. I’ve put my shorts on in anticipation of it. There’s a big mountain with cacti on it out there, too. It looks nice.

We’re in Tuscon because of a big old week-long meeting that Erin has to attend. Not one to suffer alone, she dragged her husband and child along.

The Traveling: MPLS to Phoenix and then on to Tuscon

We traveled here via airplane on Sunday. And it was a stressful couple of days leading up to it. Packing takes on a whole new level of complexity when there’s a children involved. But we (Erin) was very organized and methodical about it, and I think she did pretty well. The decision to buy food and diapers at a local Target was a particularly wise one.

It was the first time we’ve flown with the little girl and we were pretty nervous about a pretty crawly little kid spending 3 hours on the laps of her parents. But she came through brilliantly. She was very patient, very interested in what was going on around her, and she even napped a bit. And she flashed that crinkle-nosed smile of hers so beguilingly, that she drew comments from several people (including security guards, which was helpful) and a few handfuls of pretzels from the risk-taking woman who shared the row with the three of us.

Things got a little dicey when we had to spend about 35 minutes in line at Enterprise to get our rental car, as the child was thirsty and ready to get in some much needed walking and crawling. Again, she put on a floor show that was well received by the dozens of minnesotans in winter-ish clothing waiting for their car. Lots of raspberries and upside-down time.

The drive from Phoenix to Tuscon was more of a pain. It started out nice. Almost vacation-like. But then we realized that there were no quick, easily identified restaurants for about 35 to 40 miles out of town on I-10. We had skipped lunch, figuring we’d get something on the road, thereby saving some time and getting us to the hotel in time to cool it for awhile before Erin had to attend the first function at 6:30. But as we drove on and on, getting hungrier and hungrier, the idyllic feeling descended into a more typical utilitarian haul from point A to point B. A tired, sun-blinded baby added to this notion.

We did eventually get some eats, make it to the hotel, got the Target trip out of the way, and Erin got to her meeting only a little later than scheduled.

The hotel

It’s nice. Only a couple hundred bucks a night. The room’s a bit tight, once you wheel in the crib and mini-fridge. I’m not having a problem with it now, but ask me later, when I’ve been in here for the majority of 6 days.

The problem’s coming in where naptime is concerned. Thessaly hates her naps, and since I’m sharing a room with her, I’m a terrific distraction from sleepings. So we’re having a good time disturbing the neighbors with lots of shrieking and yelling when nap times come round.

So, this morning, I’m stuck on the patio, trying to let the girl get some sleep, but I haven’t gotten my breakfast yet. And it’s approaching 11am JBT (javen’s belly time).

This is NOT a vacation

Erin’s going to have a total of about 20 minutes a day to spend with us, going from 7am to 7pm or later every night this week but Tuesday.

I have work stuff that I need to get done, and a child to watch for those 12+ hour days.

It may look like it’s vacation time, but it’s actually not. Which sucks. I’d like to take advantage of some of these amenities.

What I’m reading…

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Just finished listening to this book on the plane. I started out not really getting into it, but I was hooked toward the end.

I was able to just continue on to the last book in the series (so far), too. I’ll likely get some of that in, sitting on the patio while the little girl naps.