73. Brazier

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Slow week for interesting things

Most of my time was spent working or taking care of a very crabby kid who is still working on popping a top tooth.

So what follows is really the most exciting event or two of the week.

Eating late at night…no good for the factory

One of the more difficult things that I’m dealing with in terms of being an early to bed person is, oddly enough, dinner time.

Erin gets home from work frequently in the 6 o’clock hour. Thessaly goes to bed at around 7pm, and the two of them like to spend that time together in the evenings. Which is great, but it means that dinner is usually partaken of at or around 7:30 or so.

And due to the fact that we are both getting up between 5 and 6am every morning, bedtime is pretty quick on the heels of dinner time. Most of the time this is okay. Not great, but okay.

But twice this week, I’ve had larger than usual meals. One at the 5-8 Club,a terrific burger and jo-jos and a couple pitchers of beer split three ways. (Not split with Erin, in case you’re worried. She wishes it was split with her, but no such luck for pregnant ladies.). And one being a Chipotle burrito and some guacamole.

And twice this week, I’ve attended the Church of Praying the Lid is Up and Seat is Down. And then generally bad days following.

I don’t like it.

And I’m trying to decide if it’s the food I’m choosing to eat, because during the day and most nights of the week, I’m surprisingly well behaved in terms of diet. Minimal grease, few meats, veg or fruit with every meal, lots of water. Is it just culture shock (of the bacterial sort), or is it the hour?

Likely, it’s a combination of both.

And the stress of work and vice-president management probably don’t contribute to the stability of the reactor.

What I’m reading…

io9 blog

When this relatively new blog showed up, I thought that it was going to be just a dull rehashing of predigested marketing stuff from the sci-fi TV and movie mills. But it’s actually turned out to be a frequently interesting and wide-ranging locale for science fiction related stuffs.

And while there is a lot of movie and TV related stuffs, because that’s where most of the glitz and hype lives, there’s a lot of material related to books, comics, science, and other stuffs.

A couple recent stories that I found interesting:

A review/walk-thru of Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Out of Time”.

An introduction to the Wilhelm.

And a quick rundown of some influential and important SF novels.

What I’m watching…

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I just watched the first couple of episodes of this show last week, and I was pretty impressed.

What it has going for it is the benefit of a recognizable franchise behind it, it’s got some better than average TV writers, halfway decent acting for an action show, and a pretty rich universe of material from which to draw stories.

What it has going against it is the weird girl from Firefly acting weird again, the albatross of a recognizable (and maybe played out) franchise around its neck, and lots of continuity and believability issues to contend with, which comes with any show that has time travel as one of its primary conceits.

But I’d say its on par with Battlestar Galactica in its believability, writing, and tension. It’s got the same tone and feel of the movies from which its descended, at least it does in the first two episodes.

I’m not sure how often they’ll be able to pull off the narrow escapes from unstoppable robot men who get shot a whole lot, hit by cars, slammed into walls by their lapels, and still have it be interesting and exciting.

It’s a sci-fi show with strong female characters. Unfortunately, one of them is strong and stoic because she’s actually a robot, and the other’s strong like a whiff of unwashed crazy person. But they’re both women, and they fight and shoot guns and throw people around and drive cars fast. All things that typically are executed by male action heros.

All in all, it’s a pretty good show that’s nowhere near as horrible as Bionic Woman, which thankfully has gone away. Far away. And I’ll keep watching it.