72. Up to Corporate

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Another comic? Two in a row?? And this one is in color a-too???

Yeah, I got excited about the pretty colors and decided that I wanted to improve the process, and the best way to improve the process was to do another comic. Which brings us to another edition of…

Comic Minutiae

Simpler drawing72_sketch.png

You’ll notice that the line work is much simpler, with the only scratchiness coming in the details of the faces and clothing of the characters. This is due to the fact that I’m shifting more and more of my drawing into Illustrator, primarily using the Pen tool to trace the sketches that I make.

In order to save time, I’ve drastically reduced the detail of the penciling stage. I only draw the characters in any detail here now, because I can do a better, cleaner, faster job with Illustrator when drawing things like cars, buildings, tables. Anything with perspective requirements, straight lines, really. And anything that might go faster if I can quickly copy and paste them, and tweak them slightly rather than drawing them out fully, like the big yellow door.

The relatively complex pattern on the giant door actually took about 2 minutes to make, by doing a weird doodle and rotating/duplicating it around in a circle


This time round, it took half the time of my previous effort (granted the art was much less complex), and it’s more organized within the file.


The coloring on the cones and satellite dishes, the chicky’s hair, and the big doors in panels 4 and 5 are clumsy uses of the gradient tool in Illustrator. I’m still working on fine tuning this and getting it to actually do what I want instead of relying on happy chance that the pattern fits what I’ve drawn.

I’m going to start looking into adding some subtle textures, as well. I like the flat look, and it might be a standard for Q-Burger, but I’d like to have some more options and the ability to create mood and atmosphere by using textures (which is more important than you might think).

I also want to get a better control of blurs. You can see some example of blurs in the effect on the red wall near the fire. Mostly, I want to develop a softer edge on colored areas in order to simulate shadows and soft-focus effects.

Working too hard

Not me, the wife. Plus she’s pregnant. Consider what follows a warning to all you future fathers out there and a “remember when it was like this” to all present dads. And also a belated Valentiney expression of understanding and sympathy and love to my fantastic, overworked, and somewhat entertaining wife.

Last Sunday noon, Erin recently made a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. She also poured herself a glass of milk. I was in my office at the time.

Monday morning, I went into the kitchen to fix me some breakfast. I opened the fridge to grab the milk, but noticed that we were out. I said to my wife that, hey, we’re out of milk. Why didn’t you tell me so that we could have stopped and picked some more up while we were out yesterday.


She then informed me that she did tell me. That while she was preparing her lunch, she notified me as to the milk status. So the blame was at worst only half hers. But mostly, it was mine.

You must realize that I knew for a fact that I was not told of the dairy situation. And I told her as much. And a meaningful, deep discussion ensued. No clear resolution was achieved.

We continued to exist, milkless, until the next afternoon. It was on that Tuesday afternoon, while in pursuit of a plate upon which to rest my sandwich, that I made a startling discovery in the cupboard.

Now, keeping in mind that my wife had been working very hard for more than a month, and she was pregnant, and that, apparently, strange things happen to the minds of pregnant women, I felt it was my duty to document this surprising turn of events photographically.

We went to the grocery store and bought some more milk that evening.

What I’m watching…


I’m two episodes in, and I’m still not quite sure if I like it yet. Conceptually, I’ve bought in, and the production values are very good. However, things seem to be moving kind of slowly. And since the show was cancelled before many plot points come to resolution, I’m unsure if I want to continue watching, just to get hung out over the cliff at the end of season 2.

What I’m reading…

Nothing new this week. But I am considering the purchase of Crumble. Crackle. Burn. for my artistical texture needs