71. Personal Preference

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Comic! Full Color! What’s this? Yep. I managed to squeeze some time this week to not only draw the comic, but COLOR it to boot! Madness.

Still not a 100% perfect job, but better than the other coloring efforts I’ve made in the past. And, with a few more process tweaks, I think that I’ll be able to make this a regular feature of the strip. Here’s hoping.

That said…

If things go well, I’ll likely not get any more time for the next few weeks to get another one finished.

CNN: Mesmerizing set and graphic design entrances me, annoys wife.

With the recent political action being tracked on CNN like any given Sunday on ESPN, I’ve spent a lot of bottlefeeding time watching Wolf and his colleagues on the “news” station (I use the descriptor loosely).

And with the flashy graphics, the score ticker at the bottom of the screen, and the announcers who are constantly talking but never saying much, repeating the same thing over and over again, I’m more and more thinking that I’d rather see my favorite color man, Madden, up there walking us through the complexities of voting, counting votes, competing for peoples hearts and minds, and the everpresent war metaphors that we all enjoy and appreciate.

Comedy writers? While on the picket line, please pack this idea away. Then hire Frank Calliendo or Madden himself to come on your show and do the color commentary. I’d pay good money to see that.

Super Bowl disappointment

I wasn’t so much disappointed by the Patriots’ loss (or rather the Giants’ win; hate the Giants) or the lack of an entertaining barrage of advertising, as I was furious at the escalation of Joe Buck to Elite Commentator status. I hate that guy, too.

I want my Super Bowl games to be lobsided and full of inane chatter by my man, John Madden. Stupid Fox. Who wants to listen to and watch pasty-faced Aikman and self-righteous Joe Buck? No one.

What I’m watching…

V for Vendetta

I missed this one when it was in the theaters. And I’m not sorry. I don’t particularly care for Natalie Portman in any sense, save for the cosmetic, which isn’t enough.

The commentary was a bit heavy-handed and predictable. There were no real 1984-esque revelations in the story. And it’s not 100% the fault of the Wasrshraowuzki (or whatever) brothers, who cobbled together the script from today’s political concerns and an ’80s graphic novel written by Alan Moore which was a commentary on Thatcher era England (and, I found, very difficult to get through.)

What I’m reading…

Various HP Lovecraft stories

After recently playing a board game based on the stories and mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft, I decided that I wanted to refresh my familiarity with the goodness that is his horror fiction. Bad recordings, and sacrilegious “dramatizations” of his material aside, it could be said that this stuff is even better listened to than read.