Long 7 Days

Erin’s had a tough week. Her job required logging long hours, meaning that she was only able to see Thessaly in the morning for about 30 minutes (or less) to give her a morning bottle. Then she was off to work until often well after the little girl was in bed.

This meant it was a tough week for me as well. Usually I only get to hand T. off for the last hour or so of the day, anyway. But doing the evening feeding and the bedtime routine in addition has more of a psychologically draining effect than an actual, physical one.

And this coming week will be worse, with Erin actually traveling for a few days. Fortunately, my mom is going to be coming to stay for a few days, giving me some extra time to get some work done, while at the same time, giving her a chance to spend some time with the granddaughter.

Odd parenting moment of the week

I never thought that having a kid would require using a second shopping cart when taking the groceries out to the car.

Any comics any time soon?

Yeah, I don’t know about that. I have a few client projects that will be moving into full swing mode in the coming weeks, and I’m working on redesigning and revamping this site (which, if google search results were a mouth, this site would be a canker sore, in a designly sense), as well as my professional site.

All of these things take time.

So does drawing comics.

So does taking care of a kid.

Hence, I’ll be trying to fit in drawing when I can, but for the next while, as with the previous while, comics will be few and far between. Much to my disappointment.

What I’m reading…


I’ve reviewed this series previously in depth, but I started reading it from “Plague of Frogs” again, as a new chapter has started, and I’ve been away from it for far too long.

This series is an expert blend of superteam meets Lovecraftian horror. Simply the best outside of ol’ H.P. himself.

Mike Mignola does the conceptualizing of story and plot, John Arcudi does the finer-point storytelling, and Guy Davis does art.

Every time I open one of their issues, I get a renewed surge of inspiration to make my own comics. Awesome, awesome stuff.

But this team is taking a break until July or something. So there’s a new story coming up, BPRD: 1946. Script is by Joshua Dysart and the art is by Paul Azaceta, both folks I’ve never heard of. The look is different, the time period is different, and the story’s different. That’s a lot to take while I’m jonesing for the Arcudi/Davis storyline to continue, but I think I’ll come around.

What I’m watching…

Band of Brothers

Great, real war story. It’s got the same real, scary-ass first-person POV of what war is like that the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan does, but without the cheesy hollywood-ized story.

This is my third time through this series, and I enjoy it no less.