It's not a haitus, it's laziness


5am fatigue

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been getting up at 5am. A full hour before the VP reports for duty (more on her later). The point being so that I can get a decent jump on the day’s work before most people head into the office. And on paper, this is a great plan.

And for the most part, it is. Love it. I pop out of bed, wobble a bit, and then pull on my slippers and fleece and march down to the office and get to it. I have a great 5am to 8am (9 if I’m lucky).

But this great time comes with a cost. The remaining portion of the day has begun to deteriorate into a slushy shamble through the late morning and afternoon consisting mainly of feeding baby, trying (in vain) to convince baby to take a nap, and chasing the now both horizontally and vertically (more later) mobile baby around the main floor of the house.

Any downtime, ideally, would be spent working on the various projects I have simmering on multiple back burners. But lately, I’m spending more of that downtime either staring at the screen in a fatigue-induced haze, or not even making it to picking up the laptop or heading into the office because, hell, I just don’t want to. No focus, no drive, no nothing. I just want to watch TV or play video games. I want to sit on the couch and enjoy the quiet.

This is a symptom of Javen not getting enough sleep. And it’s caused by not getting to bed early enough. Some may say that I already go to bed too early. I know Erin doesn’t like being a “in bed by 9pm” person. I don’t have the same qualms, I just end up…not in bed.

So something’s got to change. Either I get up later and lose productive mornings, or I go to bed earlier and become an “in bed by 9pm” person.

Should this be happening at 7.5 months?

Yeah. This is happening now. She’s pulling herself up on everything. Her crib, the sofa, my foot. She’s able to free stand for about 5 to 10 seconds at a time before thumping to her butt. And I’m assuming that this time will only increase.She’s got the one foot in front of the other idea when you hold her hands and “walk” her along. She’s able to move, slowly, along furniture like the sofa. And she’s very very excited about it all. So excited that she’s become even more difficult to get to take naps.

It’s been cold?

Life as a shut-in does have it’s advantages. :)

What I’ve been reading…

“Spook Country” (William Gibson)

Finally getting around to this one up again (helps that I’m listening to it instead of trying to read it in the incoherent 5 minutes between hitting the sheets and falling asleep.)

I’ve said it before, but Gibson still has it. He’s one of my heroes.

What I’ve been watching…

Sin City” (Frank Miller, Rodriguez, Robert)

Love the visuals. Some good performances. Mostly bad ones though. But very true to the source material. And if you watch real close, the priest that Marv kills is played by Mr. Miller himself. Erin recently read some of the graphic novels, and surprisingly enjoyed them. But she wasn’t a fan of the movie. She’s crazy.