Hey! No comic. Surprised?

There’s only so much energy that a man can have during the week, and mine was used up by Wednesday, due to non-stop flux in priority.

Priority churn: Full-contact sport

In my opinion, the constant heaving and morphing of priorities in life (my life, specifically) is a full contact sport. Much training and constant practice is required before stepping out on the field. If you strap on the cleats before you’re ready, you’ll feel it in the morning.

The ability to flip like a ninja from one task to the other based solely on external demands is something that I’ve never been good at. Any time the look of the defense changed, instead of calling an audible, I’d need a good long stretch of lying down to gather my wits and adapt. And that just isn’t something that you can do, especially when you’re dealing with children.

I was flabby, graceless, and stiff. And after Thessaly was born and I took on the role of primary caregiver in addition to full-time (ish) home office worker guy, MAN, did I have some painful mornings, days, and weeks!

But now, a good three months (has it only been three months????) into it, I’m starting to cut some of the fatty, inefficient qualities in my ability to stagger from task to task based on child- and client-dictated circumstances.

In order to adapt, I’ve created two main contexts in which I spend most of my day. There’s Awake Baby and Asleep Baby.

The Awake Baby context consists of:

  • work done on my laptop in the living room
  • work that doesn’t require constant, uninterrupted attention and focus
  • work that doesn’t require large screen, wacom tablet, full keyboard, etc.
  • i.e., responding to email, Lynda.com training vids, brainstorming, light planning, article outlining, proofreading, copyediting, sketchbook drawing

The Asleep Baby context consists of:

  • Work done in my office on my Mac Pro
  • Work that requires uninterrupted focus and attention
  • Work that requires mucho screen real estate and elbow room, wacom tablet, trackball, design work, coding, writing, training vids that require following along

I often have to switch between these tasks like a lightswitch, depending on what needs to get done and whether laying her down for a nap takes. It was maddening at first, but I’m adapting. Slowly.

I am, however, quickly learning that this is a boot camp of sorts. Hopefully after this whole ordeal is over, and the kids are in school during the day, I’ll be a lean, mean “mind like water” machine.

2nd Vice-President interviewed; coming aboard in July ‘08

Imagine my surprise when I received a memo from HR notifying me that Q-Burger Inc. was hiring a second vice-president. I wasn’t even aware that a want-ad had been posted. And while it’s exciting news, and we aren’t going to turn away the new recruit, it’s still a bit of a shock, as you can well imagine.

For the time being, all needs had been met with the bringing on of Thessaly in May of ‘07. But our business is growing, and apparently, our headcount wasn’t going to be enough to cover all bases. Hence, the new hire. Apparently. I’m still a little befuddled and confused, but as President of the Q, I’ll have to get things together.

The new VP will be taking over Thessaly’s previous responsibilities, and our current VP will be promoted. Below is a look at the new org chart that I’ve drafted, which briefly describes our roles.

What I’m reading…

“The Invisibles Vol. 1: Say You Want a Revolution” (Grant Morrison)

Rereading one of my favorite comic series.

What I’m watching…

“The West Wing - The Complete Fifth Season” (Thomas Schlamme, Chris Misiano)

It’s the first season after Sorkin left, but still a top notch show.