No Comic This Week

I was overcome by the illness this week. And therefore…no comic.

I had intended to spend Saturday drawing, but my body had other ideas. So the Saturday was spent lazing about and sleeping. I had hoped to kick what remains of this dad-blasted cold, but it continues to hang on, manifesting as fatigue and scratchiness in the throatal area. And a scratchy throat, tiredness, and an ill temperment about the whole thing, collectively, do not make a fertile birthing place for new comics.

Thanks to Mom

Thanks for coming last week to watch the little piggy while I lazed about and convalesced.

Apologies for missing episode

I was alerted to the problem of #68 missing from the line up, and the problem is now rectified. I had put the graphic file in the wrong directory on the webserver, thereby screwing everything up. Sorry about that.

Snot-sucking at 3am

The wife and I, and probably my mother, have had a week of reduced sleep due to VP illness. Normally a solid, through-the-night sleeper, Thessaly has been unable as of late to soothe herself to sleep because her nose is plugged by snot.

In order to help her, the dreaded apparatus must be brought out and shoved up her nose. The turkey baster-like squeeze bulb draws out copious amounts of nose butter (and howls of displeasure) out of the child, and allows her to sleep again, after she calms down.

This whole scene sucks.

We’re too spoiled by having a child who has slept through the night since 1 month of age to deal with this well. I know we’re lucky, I know we’re spoiled. But it’s still no fun to get up at 11:30pm, 3:30am and 5:30am to suck snot and rock a child. Especially when you need snot sucked out of your own nose.

Date Night 2007

The wife and I were lucky enough to go out on our first date in the better part of 2 months this past Friday. Thanks to the generous nature of my mother, she was willing to meet with the VP while Erin and I went out.

We grabbed a delicious meal at Punch Neapolitan Pizza, the REAL one in Highland Park. This is the site of our third first date, and the place we go back to on special occasions like anniversaries and important date nights.

Then we headed to the big purple movie theater in Eagan to catch No Country For Old Men. Yes, I’ve seen it already, but it was no less enjoyable the second time around. Fine film. Big ups to the Coen Bros. for entertaining me so well lo these many years.

What I’m reading…

“Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 1: The Assassin’s Road” (Kazuo Koike; Goseki Kojima)

“New X-Men Vol. 1: E is for Extinction” (Grant Morrison; Frank Quitely)

What I’m watching…

“Star Wars” (Because that’s what you watch when you’re sick.)

“No Country for Old Men” (for the 2nd time in as many weeks.)