69. Questions

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Terry Pratchett’s “Embuggerance”

Pratchett gave fans a tragic, yet upbeat, news item entitled “An Embuggerance” last week, disclosing that he has some rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s. I’m not a huge fan of the author and his Discworld series, but I recognize the man’s talent, and his prolific satirical output cannot be denied.

If you know a cracking expert in brain chemistry, please ring Mr. Pratchett.

The approaching holidays

These holidays, they’re getting here faster and faster each year, and they seem to actually mean less and less to me every time they come around.

While they’re supposed to be a time of peace and family and happiness…they end up being a time of irritations to be endured.

The hassle of purchasing gifts (not the actual purchasing of gifts for people, but the hassle of fighting crowds or calculating shipping times…and the actual purchasing of gifts for people other than myself).

The logistics of travel times, directions, and sleeping arrangements…although this may be more my own hang up than other people’s (see the following anti-social bit).

The onslaught of advertising on the television and other media. Is anyone else sick of the commandeering of “Carol of the Bells” by every damn commercial on television?

With the start of the shopping season now out to the end of October, the holidays are starting to take on that same meaninglessness that you get when you repeat a word over and over and over, reducing it to a series of sounds that are completely devoid of any meaning at all.

If you’re anti-social, have a kid

If you have a child, and you skew as anti-social on the spectrum as I do, you’ll take great appreciation in the following observances:

Your kid is always…

…a nearly universal subject for you to easily talk about with people whom you’d usually be struggling to get past the initial “How are you?” phase of a conversation.

…A reason to leave an event early.

…An excuse to not even go in the first place.

But even the most hermit-like of us will occasionally want to hang out a little bit longer. Luckily, there are wives who are willing to take the child home and friends who are willing to give hermits rides home.

What I’m reading…

“The Goon Volume 1: Nothin’ But Misery” (Eric Powell)

Powell brings it with great art, and a tough guy, noir-flavored story laced with weird-ass Lovecraftian overtones.

“The Walking Dead #45

Your standard Zombies and survivalists premise. But Robert Kirkman (Invincible) is one of the better comic book writers out there, so he’s brought some originality to the formula by focusing on characters and situations than the straight ahead, Man v. Zombie that you’re used to. Artist Adlard’s got a great B+W+Gray, Romero-esque feel to his art.

Get started by reading the excellent first collected volume “The Walking Dead Book 1 (Walking Dead)” (Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn). Tony Moore’s art on the first several issues is top notch.

What I’m watching…

The Vikings.

Oy vey. Tarvaris needs to go back to playing vacant lot football. And maybe Childress might stand a chance of actually being successful at that level.

“A Scanner Darkly”.

Keanu, Winona, and the animation style of those goofy financial company commercial. It was a little heavy on the goofy, drug-addled dialogue, but it pulled out of it eventually. I thought the animation worked, and the reveal at the end was a surprise to me.