Just a quick note to alert the faithful:

I was out of town all weekend attending a funeral and didn’t arrive home until nearly midnight on Tuesday night, hence the radio silence.

I have two episodes nearly finished, but since I’ve got some catching up to do with other business, I’m going going to hold off until Tuesday to post Ep.65.

A Good Way to Go

With enough time to make peace with the impending physical, metaphysical and spiritual events.

Relatively pain-free.

Surrounded by the people who matter the most to you.

A Bad Way to Come Back (from a long, long weekend)

With a full and aching bladder that you COULD have emptied about 45 miles back, but figured you could make it.

With a back stiff and sore from driving a collective 16 hours in a car that was not designed for someone of your physical stature.

To discover that your car had been towed from in front of your own damn house because the city only gave 12 hours notice that the streets were going to be swept the day after you leave home for an extended period.