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Monster Magnet Returns with 4-Way Diablo

Happiness at Dave’s return

Monster Magnet’s new album, 4-Way Diablo, was released on Nov. 4th.

Since the lead singer and main creative force (Dave Wyndorf) had suffered a drug overdose, it has been over 3 years since the last release.

I didn’t have a lot of faith that they’d be back.

I’ve been a fan of MM since 1995 when I reviewed, Dopes to Infinity for KUMM, my college radio station. I love this band.


Sexy science-fiction and comic book lyrics and well executed stoner/space rock combine to create an emotional response of experiencing the Heavy Metal comic magazine or animated film without actually having to read, watch or suffer through either (both are badbadbad).

This band just strikes the right chord for me and scratches an itch.

I like what I’ve heard. They stumbled a bit with their last album, but they return to form with this release.

Check ‘em out.

Monster Magnet Home Page

4-Way Diablo (Amazon)


Unhappiness with the purchasing experience

I ventured out to the local Target in order to pick it up. But they didn’t have it.

No surprise.

MM ditched their major label (or was it vice versa?) After their 2000 album, God Says No.

I could have picked it up through the iTunes store, but I’d heard good things about the new Amazon MP3 program. So I purchased the album there.

I paid $8.99 for the album. Which was great.

I couldn’t download it with the OS X client. Which wasn’t.

I ended up having to DL the music via the Windows version of Amazon’s application. Which was a hassle.

So I guess the question is as follows:

Is DRM-free, 256kbps music worth the Amazon hassle and lower price?

Meh. Probably.

Ween recently came out with their first new record in 4 years, and I’m kind of torn as to how I’m going to acquire that one.