Sorry, kids. No comic this week


Super busy at the office. Super busy.

Thanks for the positive feedback on the photo-comic. A few days ago, I snapped a few pics of the VP while she was waxing vociferous, and I think I’ll transcribe the conversation we were having, so as to share her message of hard work, good cheer, and pooping twice a day, or maybe three times, for health.
And I might put up another one with my yoogly mug center stage as well.
But, yeah. Super busy lately, so no new comic this week.


I did, however, get a super-nerdo Spider-man t-shirt today in the mail. I’ve wanted this shirt since even before I knew it existed. When it arrived, I cast off my drab old shirt in favor of the new hotness, forgetting about it until the wife got home. She enjoyed a good chortle at the expense of yours truly for that.
It’s just been such a long time since I’ve gotten any really good t-shirts, and I’m excited.

And especially now that I’m secreted away from prying eyes in the comfort of my own home office, why aren’t I wearing the awesome t-shirts that you just can’t get away with under your average office dresscode? I don’t know.