Episode 63 has been delayed

Not so much a result of busy-ness as tiredness, the next episode will be delayed until next week. There were some issues with revisiting some older character designs, scouting new locations and some all-purpose relaxing that I needed to work on this weekend.

Also, this is a work in progress. I’m still learning best practices and such for putting together a well-crafted comic. And I’m trying to reduce the amount of bad, hurried work that appears in these electronic pages. I’d rather be late (often), and be mostly happy with the work that I’ve done.

Reinvestment of Free Time Dividends

Despite my most recent project wrapping a few days ago, I’m still busy. My goal is to waste as little time on luxuries like watching TV during business hours. Which I’ve been modestly successful at.

I’m reinvesting this newly freed time back into skills development. I’m spending a lot of time with Lynda and associates at Lynda.com the last few days.

In the interest of maximizing the likelihood of further paying work, I’ve shifted the drawing chores on this here project to the weekends. It’s my main goal of the weekend to get the artwork done for the next week’s episode. But, as we have seen, that doesn’t always work out. And it’s difficult to get a rhythm going and a consistency to the art if I’m only working on it two out of 7 days. If that. But I have to take what I can get.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting up at 5am and writing for an hour first thing. It’s had an incredible impact on my output of written material. Recently, I’ve plotted out the final episodes of Season 3 (looks like we’re going to hit 81 total) and I’ve got 8 more to fully script. And I’m getting through them at a rate of about 2-3 pages scripted a day. I’m tag-teaming the writing of this project with a couple others. And I’ve got the luxury of moving to these other projects if my Q-Burger steam runs out.

If the problem of tardy art continues, I may start implementing a 1/hr a day policy on drawing as well. Because more people are watching.

An Increase In Traffic

An interesting development has occurred in the last month or so in the amount of attention this lowly site is getting. As recently as August, I’ve been lucky to get about 200 hits in a month. That number has tripled as of September. In the past 30 days, I’ve had 600+ hits on the site, with 450 being unique visitors.

Here’s hoping the trend continues. Or…wait…

If it continues, I might begin to feel obligated to actually do something to spruce up the place…

VP Celebrates 4 Months With Company by Temporarily Taking Over Production of Mucus and Assumes Role of Office Crankypants

For what seems like forever, the VP has been ill. It’s surprising how long 2 days can seem when the loudest person in the house is snorty and unhappy. Just ask my wife. And it’s even worse when it’s an actual infant!

Anyway, she’s slept pretty much all day today, her silence only occasionally broken by loudly summoning the administrative assistant for purposes of food-giving and pants-changing.