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Leopard On Shaky Ground

The install

Like some in the audience here, I picked up a copy of the newest Macintosh operating system this weekend. I was excited, having looked forward to it for quite a while. But for the first time since starting my business, I was using my machine as an honest to goodness work machine. I did actual “paying” work things on my computer. Paying work that might be threatened, or at least slowed down if I just went stumbling ahead and upgraded the OS.

So I backed up and cloned and duplicated like a responsible person. And then did the install. Which went fine. I did a clean install, and then chose to bring back in apps, home dir, and network settings from another disk (the clone). This took about 3 hours (because I have about 350GB of stuff that was being brought over.

But it all went very smoothly, aside from taking forever. At the end of it all, I had a well-behaved Leopard installation on my Mac Pro.

Testing Mission Critical Stuffs

I ran through all the apps that I use on a daily basis:

Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash all seem fine.

Awesome-est writer’s software, Scrivener, and my bestest text editor, Textmate, were jim-dandy.

VMware Fusion’s 1.1RC update minimized the pain of the necessary evil of running Windows apps.

Subversion and SmartSVN have survived unscathed.

And Mail.app updated just fine.

But there are some minor painful things:

Path Finder behaves a little strangely sometimes.

Audiobook Builder is crashing whenever building a new project

And my comic viewing app, ComicBookLover, is misbehaving in an odd way.

I had to run Time Machine twice before it would actually start to work (and that first update takes forever to do, even if you don’t have 350GB to back up).

And then there are some MAJOR pain items:

Quicksilver seems laggy, with one of my most used triggers sometimes not working at all! And the developer’s site is currently down.

Mail Act-On is broken for the time being, but the developer is aware of the issue

The greatest Mail.app add-on, Mail.appetizer, doesn’t work, and development seems to have died over a year ago.

But Leopard is still running
I’ll be honest, I was seriously considering going back to Tiger, actually going as far as booting back into the old OS to do some work. But I noticed that despite the problems, the new OS seems faster, and as you’ll notice, only one of the problems were with the OS itself (Time Machine), and the vast majority were caused by 3rd party developers not being able to adapt to the changes Apple made fast enough.
They’ll get there, though. And I’ll run with Leopard until then.