The next story line begins in this episode. As I said last time, we’re circling back around in the Q-Burger mythos, and picking up some threads that were laid down earlier in this season.

Comic Minutae

I’ve finished fully scripting the rest of Season 3. I might have already mentioned that we’re going to bring it in at 81 episodes. Now whether or not that means we’ll hit the season finale in 18 weeks remains to be seen.

But I at least have them all written, and I just have to sit down and start cranking on the art. I’m going to try to do more of them at the same time in order to get more uniformity in the art. And I’m going to group the pencilling and the inking into seperate tasks.
Pencilling and inking are very different tasks, using a different sensibility. Pencilling is like chiseling an image out of a block of stone. Creating something from nothing. Inking is like polishing and refining. One gets into a rhythm while pencilling a page, and the same when inking. But if you’re switching off constantly, you lose some quality when alternating between them.

I tried it out this weekend, and I was actually able to get about 1 1/2 pages pencilled in Saturday’s sitting (from 5am to about 10 or 11am.), and then Sunday I switched to inking. And I finished the current episode in about 4.5 hours (4:30 to 7, and then 9 til 11 or so).
Yes, it seems like the inking took longer, but you’ll notice that today’s ep. has a different style to it. Lots of blacks. And that took a little time to figure out.

Early Riser

Thanks to a little help from the VP, I’ve become an early riser. EARLY early. Like all this weekend I was up at least by 4:30am. And it’s become a regular enough occurrence that when I slept until 5 this morning, it felt like sleeping in.
It does help with productivity, however, the getting up at 4am. As I’ve said to a few others, I’m usually able to get in nearly an extra half-day of work (or whatever) before people are even awake.

Unfortunately, it seems that the VP is now aware of my adapting to her schedule. In the past, she would wake up demanding sustenance and a new pair of drawers, but then drop off quickly upon receiving the tribute.

But lately she’s been wanting to wake up at 6, cutting my nice quiet block of time in half. And, while I like being up early, I’d rather sleep in if I’m not going to get the extra working time. You know?