Hey! Two in a row! We’re on a roll!

We hit the big Six-Oh as the hamburger guy summons his strength and becomes that which he finds most irritating. All in the name of getting to Savage. That small suburb to the South and maybe West of the Twin Cities.

Don’t know why he has to get to Savage? Yeah. He hasn’t really mentioned it yet. Watch this space.


Gotta love that sound effect, don’cha? The font isn’t bad either. The city is still kind of a question mark in my mind, though.

Robert Jordan Dies

Didn’t like the guy’s writing, but he succumbed before he was able to finish his mammoth series.

You know, I’ve heard one too many stories recently about people who’ve died before they were able to finish their life’s work.

Do what’s important. Turn off the TV and put down the game controller. The time to start your life’s work is now.

It’s easy to get caught up in the miasma of distraction that is this modern life, believe me, I know. But you won’t regret it.

Comic Minutiae: Penciled Edition

Some of the time away from the Q was spent re-evaluating my process for creating the strip. This episode marks a return to drawing the whole page out as one file, instead of piecing it together from panels drawn as individual files and assembled in InDesign.

Pencils done in Photoshop. Inks done in Illustrator. Letters in InDesign.

Just for fun, here’s a look at the script and layout sketch, and then the final pencils. Click on a thumbnail to view the full sized image.