The first new episode in far too long picks up where we left off: The talking hamburger continues his attempt to kickstart Steve.

Keepin on

Things continue to go well here at Q-HQ. I’m being kept busy by the VPs demands and work and stuff, but I’m finding time to work on my artistic chops between bottle feedings and monkeyshines.


I’m a from-the-ground-up, fundamentals first kind of guy when it comes to learning new skills, so I’ve decided that in order to be able to execute this comic, and any other projects I may be working on, at the level I want to execute, I need to understand the fundamentals of the human figure.

I need to be able to draw a human figure without a model, because there isn’t always someone or something around to perform that duty. I stumbled upon this drawing course a few months ago, and tried out the first few lessons, and discovered that this artist, Riven Phoenix, approaches the subject matter in a way that appeals to me and reaches me better than any book I’ve read on the subject. There’s just something about seeing someone draw exactly what they’re lecturing about, and then being able to draw along with them. On his site, he lists previous clients as








Over the last few months, I’ve become a huge fan of video tutorials (well executed ones) as combining the best aspects of teaching and learning. Actual demonstration of the subject matter combined with the reviewability of a video makes it very easy to learn things like software tools and drawing.

The production values are a little amatuerish, but the vids are posted on YouTube, or on sale for $45 for something like 45 hours of video. And once you get past the technical hangups, it really doesn’t matter much. You can see all you need to see (for the most part).

I’m about 3/4 thru the first disk, which focuses on the skeleton. I’m just about to start on the hands. It’s improved my understanding of the human figure tenfold.

I’m convinced that even if I hadn’t been drawing for the last couple of years, I would have been able to pick this up and be at the same point I am right now. There’s nothing that requires Artistic Ability. It’s just drawing from formulas.

If you’re remotely interested in drawing, save the money you’d spend on classes and books, and buy the set. $45 is a huge bargain. Again, all the videos are on YouTube, but it’s tough to find them in order, and you really need to go through them in the order they were posted. Check out the first 19 lessons for free (but very tiny) here.

I’ve included some of my sketches here, just for fun. I think these are from the lessons on the scapula that I did earlier this month.