The State of the Qnion


It’s been a busy few weeks here at QHQ.Couple things: I’m still on the large project I mentioned several weeks ago (it’s been how long since I’ve updated?). Not sure when that’ll be slowing down.And I’m getting a look at what life is going to be like when the wife goes back to work at the end of the month. And I’ll be getting more looks as we near the day when I cover the day-shift of munchkin watch.I took some time this weekend to reevaluate things. It was the first time in recent memory that I’d been out of the house by myself. My mom and a bevy of aunts and female cousins threw Erin a baby shower on Saturday, and, in the interests of sanity and not choking on pink tissue paper, I ducked out.The intention was to get my testosterone fix by taking in an afternoon showing of Transformers (which I did). But before I did that, I stopped at a coffee shop did a little introspection. Because my life has been made up of work and baby for the last two and a half weeks.It’s good to step back and survey the scene from a 50,000ft level. I did so. And I came up with a simple priority list that I’m following as long as I’m working on this current project:

1. Sleep (Number 1 because I’m absolutely no good if I’m not getting enough sleep)

2. Work/Family stuff (They occupy the same level of priority, just at different times of day)

3. Exercise (because I’ve still got about 12 pounds to lose due to the plateau I’ve been on for the last few weeks)

4. Creative Endeavors (like Q-Burger, writing, drawing, etc.)

5. Socialization (Mainly because of my misanthropy and hermit-like tendencies.)Sadly, I’m just running out of time and energy after priorities 1-3 these days. And notice the absence of social activities.So, long story short, the Q is in stasis for the time being. Hence the long silence.

VP in terrific health; gigantic

But, on every other front, things are going fantastically. The V.P. had her two month doctor’s visit.She’s a healthy corporate official, and in the 97 percentile for height and 90th for head size.She’s sleeping well, and she’s starting to smile and make more noise. (I like big fat babies like you. When you fill your pants, you make more noise.) Which is a plus and a minus, especially when I’m trying to watch on the TV.

Humble Host Ages Additional Year

I managed to move the odometer ahead one more click this past Friday. I’ve now begun my 33rd orbit.It was a quiet evening, but a momentous one: it was the first restaurant meal enjoyed by the Ackerman Family, Minneapolis Chapter. The young executive was well-behaved and timed her minor vocalization of displeasure with the arrival of the check.We went to the Tavern on Grand for burgers and beers. And it was a disappointment, culinarily-speaking. Erin’s fish was fishy-tasting (in a bad way), my burger was so so, and a little too pink in the middle for a hamburger, and the fries were the flavored kind reminiscent of Arby’s curly fries.But bad restaurant experience aside, we made it home in one piece in time to enjoy some angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream (quite tasty, my dear) and a spot of pre-season football on the television.All in all, a good birthday.