On and ON

Not that I’m intend on changing the theme of this blog to “Javen’s Complaint of the Day!”, but I just gotta get some of this stuff off my chest, you know? Put it into perspective.

##Neverending Hassle

We now have an undented fridge in our house that seems to be doing the job of cooling our foodstuffs. It only took 3 previous attempts.

Now, the problem is the water dispenser switch. Since I have experience with one that functions correctly, I know that something is wrong with this one. Very sensitive, only one “sweet spot” seems to get the thing to spit out it’s water. And even that is inconsistent. Not good for a thirsty dude like myself. I likes my water.

Noticed it right away upon delivery on Monday, and a repair person is coming out today to fix it. At least I hope they’re going to fix it, not just look at it.

Plus, one of the drawers doesn’t open as smoothly as it did in the previous one that we were using.

##My good earbuds are now just good earbud

While on this morning’s constitutional, the left ear on my relatively new set of noise reducing earbuds began to sputter and die, throwing off my equilibrium and causing me to windmill my arms as I made my way around the lake.

I drew a few stares, one or two.

Why does everything have to break?

##But there is some good…

We’ve figured out a way to combat the fussiness of the new VP before bedtime. We sit in the living room with the lights turned low, we eat a little late night snack, and we listen to some soothing music on the stereo (Enya, and I anticipate some Loreena McKennitt will make an appearance soon). It’s proven 100% effective thus far. And there goes the biggest hassle about the new hire.

I’ll soon be caught up on my sleep and back on my normal schedule. And that makes me happy.

##Taking the day off (another thing that’s good)

I’m going to take this post-4th of July day off, rest, read some comics, and perhaps watch some of the TV.