57. Guh?

Finally! The [ultimate episode](http://www.q-burger.com/s3/s3.php?p=57) in the Kautz breakroom confessional story arc!

##Comic Minutia:

I’ve been doing a little studying, and I’ve learn some of the coloring techniques of the pros, and I tried it out in today’s strip. It took a little time, and it’s still a little rough in places.

But all in all, I think I have a handle on it. It really didn’t take much longer than the grey tones.

Because I’m so high on the video tutorials, I decided to hunt for some that would help me with the coloring. And I found one: [http://www.digitalarttutorials.com/](http://www.digitalarttutorials.com/ “Digital Art Tutorials: Photoshop Illustration and Coloring Video Tutorials; digital coloring, tutorials, coloring comics, digital painting,photoshop tutorials,free photoshop tutorials”)

The quality of the instruction/narration is on par with the goofy painting shows that you see on public television. You’re just watching “over the shoulder” of Brian Haberlin in many of these vids, and he’s mumbling about what he’s doing, and in a few, he has a bout with his allergies, which is unfortunate.

But there is something very valuable about watching an expert just perform his craft. And that’s what you get with these videos.

Beginning Coloring is a great start for a beginner (like me). And at $25 for a solid demonstration of a couple of effective coloring techniques, you could do a lot worse.

### Photo references for the comic book artist
Another product that I just started looking over is Comic Artist’s Photo Reference: People and Poses by [Buddy Scalera](http://www.buddyscalera.com/ “BuddyScalera.com”).

This is a great collection of poses of well-muscled men and women that can help you get a handle on that weird pose. I just picked this up, and so I haven’t really put it to use yet. But, I really like that Mr. Scalera decided to be kind to those of us who do our work electronically. He decided to include the images in a CD-ROM so you can pop it on to your computer. It’s an easily navigable web interface that lets you pick the shot you want and get to work. Good stuff.

[Here's](http://www.comicbookresources.com/columns/index.cgi?column=pipeline&article=1736 “Comic Book Resources - Comic Book News, Reviews and Commentary - Updated Daily!”) a decent review of both products from [http://www.comicbookresources.com](http://www.comicbookresources.com “Comic Book Resources - Daily Comic Book News, Reviews, Previews, Commentary and Message Boards”). Ironically, I only found this dual-review as I was doing my web searching in prep for this post.