And we come around again to present day. Kautz is, in case you’ve forgotten over the past few months of this story being drawn out, telling the story of his encounters with the bad guy to a nearly catatonic Steve in the Q-Burger breakroom after closing.

Two more eps left in this arc.

The Comic Minutiae

Further experimentation with the software tools. This episode was sketched and pencilled in Photoshop. The first two panels were inked in Illustrator, the remaining in Photoshop. And then it was toned in Photoshop.

New toning technique, using a brush that goes from transparent to opaque depending on the amount of pen pressure used. This seems to add a more watercolor-ish look.

Still learning and experimenting.

Homeowner Gods Still A Little Pissed

You may recall from an earlier entry, my house is suffering the terrible effects of entropy.

It’s not over yet.

The Fridge

We did get a new refrigerator. And a pretty nice one. But when it arrived, it was damaged. The water dispenser hose was disconnected inside the door, so when I was running water through the system to empty the air and rinse it out, it started to puddle and drip out the hinge where the hose runs into the door.

We called the delivery guys back, and they fixed that. But that was really a minor issue.

Turns out the thing was dented, both doors and the back where it seems the special forklift grabbed front and back instead of the sides like it’s supposed to.

So we were given the option of sending it back right away and replaced when they could get back out, taking a $100 discount, or keeping it and having it replaced when they could get back out.

Being that we were without a fridge for a week at that point, we decided to keep it, since it was already installed and it was FUNCTIONAL, just dented.

So now we have a call into Warner’s Stellian, and we’re bracing for an inconvenient struggle with them to actually get the fridge replaced.

Want to read about my bad experience with Warners’ Stellian and their extended warranty from the start? I’ve created a new category here at the Q-Blog that contains all posts that touch on the subject of my powerfully bad experience with Warners’ Stellian.

[Check it out.](http://q-burger.com/category/blog/bad-warners-stellian/)

The Toilet

And just to let us know that we shouldn’t be too relieved, the handle fell off of our downstairs toilet. It still flushes, but the handle and lever broke, so I have to pull the chain in the tank manually in order to get the thing to flush.

It never ends.