So the net cost of this week was $1500 for the sewer work and for the new refrigerator. That’s right. New refrigerator.

Turns out the repairs on the old one would have cost about 65% the cost of a new one.

So yesterday afternoon was spent shopping for refrigerators instead of doing the work that I had scheduled. But we did okay, considering the circumstances. It’s a freezer on the bottom, water dispensing, stainless steel wonderment of modern cooling technology.

It’ll do.

It’s scheduled to arrive this afternoon between 1:45 and 4:45.


Also of interest was the Hispanic-ization of the pronunciation of my name. what made the experience unique wasn’t the fact that my name was pronounced “Hah-ven”. That’s happened before.

As have “JAAV-en”, “JARV-en”, “DAVE-id”, “JASE-on”, “JACK-ass”, and many others. Seems odd, because it’s spelled (and pronounced) like “raven”. But it’s been a character-building cross I’ve borne all my life. And I’ve ideally passed on to my offspring.

But, what was unique to this occurrence was the fact that it was the automated computer-voice lady what mispronounced my name.

“This is a message for…Erin…and…HAH-ven…to tell you that your refrigerator will arrive, blah blah.”

It got me wondering about what characteristics of my name triggered the HAH. Was it the J-A? Was it the J-A-V? Maybe that’s it. Too close to Javier?


I’m just looking forward to the end of eating out of a cooler in my own house.

The wife is looking forward to having popsicles. Shows you where our priorities diverge.

Although a popsicle does sound a-pretty good.