The Homeownership Gods Are Not Pleased

The impact of refrigerators on our lives and minds

As I’m writing this, my kitchen holds a large and newly inert box called the refrigerator. It’s decided to stop working. And I’m feeling terrific stress as a result of this.

Not only is it the place where I keep lots of the food that I, and my family, eat. It’s where I get my cool, refreshing water-flavored water beverages from. Hence my feeling of double-betrayal. When we bought this house, lo these 2 years ago, I had two favorite features.

Not the 3 season porch.

Not the 1.5 block distance from a very nice lake.

Not the two-car garage, or the nice, soundproof windows, or even (surprisingly) the central air conditioning.

My two favorite features were the can crusher that was mounted at the top of the basement stairs…and the refrigerator that dispensed water and ice, both crushed and cubed.

And now the refrigerator is dead, and the can crusher kind of wobbles on it’s moorings.
I’m so depressed. We may have to move.
Triple Shot of Good Timing!

It’s inconvenient in triplicate.

It is crazy-ass hot outside these days, and a man who likes to make use of the jogging/walking track around his lake also likes to drink lots of cool water with the option of putting crushed or cubed ice in it.

I work from home. And since we have recently created a very young child, an “infant” some call her, my wife is home on maternity leave. Due to the inability of my daughter to perform even the simplest of tasks, it’s become very inconvenient for us to go out to eat. Even to go out to get stuff for take out. Although that has more to do with my laziness.

And finally, it’s amazingly bad timing, because we have some of the wife’s relatives coming into town from California to stay with us for a few days. And I hear that Californians are accustomed to refrigerated foods.

We have called a repair man, and they are on their way out, but apparently, their favorite mode of travel is achieved by waiting 3 days and then driving real fast.

So we’re waiting until Wednesday to get someone out here.

I bought some ice and stowed some foods in a cooler, and moved some of the more valuable cuts of meat to the freezer of the in-laws. But I’m still very upset by the failure of this pinnacle of home amenities

I wonder what I’ve done to anger the appliance gods. Because this winter, the furnace went out. And now this (very hot) spring, the fridge dies. I image that come August, when we’re just breaking 200 degrees, the AC will pull up stakes and move next door where the nice lady probably just runs a fan at night when it gets hot.

I hate home ownership.


And now, as of 10:00am, the sewer line has decided to clog on us. Water on the floor, and a $200 expense in the near future.

***UPDATE to the previous UPDATE***

Yeah, no. It’s a $400 expense.