Stepping back a minute

What's taking so long?
I think I'm going to take some time to get my act together again. I've got the pencils and lettering done for the next episode, and I could publish it, but I'm not going to. Not yet. I've also got the scripts and panel layouts for the next 5 episodes. I just need to start putting it together.

I spent some time yesterday writing out the scripts for the next 5 episodes, really trying to apply that which I've learned the last few months.

While in my funk of the last week or so, instead of actually making comics, I spent some time getting to know the software better. I built a template in InDesign that makes lettering easy. I built a series of actions in photoshop that lets me quickly set up a new panel, and set up some preset brushes to quickly get into the penciling, inking and coloring groove. Just add effort.

What else am I doing?
I recently bought the Adobe CS3 design suite, and when you shell out that kind of money, Adobe feels guilty. So they give you some presents. One that I'm taking advantage of is the free 30 days of training on has very good screencast type video tutorials (some come right with CS3) on a wide range of subjects. Big software suites get some attention, as well as concepts like programming, web design, and other stuff. For $25/mo you get access to most of the stuff on the site. When you get a premium yearly subscription ($350 or something) you get it all.

I've discovered that this is one of the best ways for me to learn. I get to watch someone do something, I hear them tell me about it, and then I do it myself. Very much my learning style.

So I'm learning Illustrator from the ground up right now. Next up is some advanced Photoshop stuff, and then maybe PHP or something. We'll see how much I can get done in the free 30 days.

All of this is for actual WORK stuff, but it definitely will circle around and influence what I'm doing with the Q.

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