Of Possible Interest: B.P.R.D.

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You might recognize the acronym BPRD if you’ve recently seen the movie Hellboy (that’s where I first heard of it). Or if you’ve read Hellboy comics. But in case you haven’t…

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is a super team (a la the Doom Patrol than the bespandexed Justice League). Made up of a fish man, a homunculus, a firestarter, a disembodied German medium, and a military captain who was dead for three days but now isn’t, the BPRD is our nation’s first line of defense against the unspeakable horrors that lurk out there in the shadows.

The team has faced a fungus that turned out to be Sadu-hem, harbinger of the plague of demonic frog men. Their numbers have been thinned by the naive machinations of a greedy businessman. They’ve saved the world from the crazy dog-legged, Godzillian Katha-hem. And they’ve successfully defended us from many others.
BPRD is published monthly in 5 or 6 issue volumes, and then take a hiatus until the next volume is ready. The schedule makes it somewhat difficult to keep up with the current issues, but thankfully, each volume is collected and published as a trade paperback soon after. BPRD is part of a continuity that started in 1994 with Mignola’s Seed of Destruction, but if you see the movie, and jump in with Plague of Frogs, you’ll be fine.

Mike Mignola, the creator of BPRD and Hellboy, has always written and drawn stories that are equal parts Super Hero and Lovecraftian horror. And BPRD is more of the same.

Mignola and John Arcudi (writer of The Mask comic, Gen13, and Barb Wire) write the stories, and Guy Davis (illustrator of Sandman Mystery Theater and Deadline) makes them look good and creepy.

Together they’re continuing to create a great series that blends excellent Lovecraftian horror with a character-driven take on the modern superhero team.

Go buy it. And then go buy the Hellboy books, too. Hellboy.com has a nice listing of the available books here.

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