48. Flight

The title is self-explanatory. Kautz takes a little trip. And that’s about it.

Today’s strip is the first entirely paperless episode. Created entirely by using my new Wacom tablet and the Adobe apps, it represents the wave of the future.

Despite taking a bit longer, I think it will ultimately save a lot of time. Scanning, and cleaning up the scanned images takes a significant amount of time, time I’m glad to be rid of. And as I get used to the device, set all the little side buttons and shortcut keys, it will save tons of time, and paper, and ink. I do think it’s good enough to replace paper in my office.

I take notes by hand now, make lists, sketches, and draw mindmaps by hand using an application that I really like called Curio. Kind of the Mac equivolent of MS’s One Note. A free-form, notebook paper type of thing.

A Weekend to Chill

This was the first weekend that was nice enough, and the stars aligned enough to allow me to grill and sit on my porch while enjoying a nice, cold beer. I also got out for a few walks around the lake, as well as one to the grocery store to pick up a replacement grill lighter. But that was enough outside time. The rest of the weekend was spent safely indoors, bathed in the soothing radiation of my 20″ Apple Cinema Display.

The Great Furred Ones got a chance to enjoy some of the weather too, as it was temperate enough to leave the porch door open and allow them to watch the backyard grow, and maybe shout a little at the birds and the big grungy yellow tom that makes the rounds every few days.

Shub-Niggurath effectively defends the roost by making yowling noises, punctuated with well-timed bangs on the screen. Yog-Sothoth provides intimidating back up, by standing behind Shubba, tail puffed to a full diameter of 3 inches, and making low, “you betta listen what the man say, foo,” sounds deep in his throat.

Erin got some nesting out of the way, repainting the dresser that’s going in the baby’s room. The piece looks good and she feels good about getting it done. And as an added bonus, it’s gotten some of the strange desire, NEED to have something in the house be yellow. I’m glad that the dresser will suffice, and that the walls were spared.

The Mac Pro, tomorrow it comes
I have purchased a Mac Pro.

I’ve recently come into some graphics work that requires some pretty heavy lifting, and my nearly 5-year old equipment just wasn’t quite up to the task. Too much time spent waiting for the machine to catch up to me. Too much time passing data in and out of virtual memory. Too much time spent looking at the spinning beachball.

I ordered it last week from the Apple store, and it arrives tomorrow, if the Fed-Ex site is to be trusted. I already have the 4 gigs of 3rd party RAM waiting for it. Oh, it’s going to be sweet.

It’s been nearly 4 years since my last hardware purchase. Something that I used to do on a bi-annual basis. But when I switched to the Mac, it became less necessary. And honestly, the two Macs that I currently use, a 1 GHz Powerbook and a G4 Power Mac, they are sufficient for 90% of the work that I do. Pretty amazing, considering that I bought the Power Mac in 2002, and the Powerbook in 2003.

But that doesn’t mean that I was loathe to upgrade:

2 dual core Xeons @ 2.0GHz (Yeah, I went with the low end processors), up from dual G4 867MHz.
5 gigs of RAM up from 1.5
256MB Vid card up from an old 128.

I’ll be able to run Quicken Home and Business at native speed instead of through RDP.
I’ll be able to have the big three Adobe apps open at the same time w/o the hard drive bursting into flames trying to keep up.
And most importantly, I’ll finally be able to play Civ IV!!!

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