46. Hero's Move

Continuing the long delayed adventures of Mr. Kautz.

Better late…and B+W…than never, eh?

due to the technical requirements of drawing a destroyed building, things took a little longer than expected. So I had to throw out some of the more fancy details, like color, or words. Not that there were going to be any words in today’s episode, but it would have been nice to have the option. You know?

Comic Related Minutia

Today’s episode was created with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Whoo.
Scanned the inked drawings right into Illustrator and vectorized them, so that they could scale cleanly to any size that I needed. And Illustrator’s Live Trace gives a little help in cleaning up some lines, taking some of the quaver out of my brush strokes.

Exported the vector images to TIFF, opened in Photoshop, filled in blacks, and cropped the images to perfection. I also needed a little assist when it came to panel 5’s backdrop of destruction. So I drew one background, two poses of Kautz, and ended up with two panels. One reaction, one action.

I then created the page layout in InDesign, drawing frames for each panel (actually, I did this while writing the script, giving me a clearer idea of what’s going to happen in each panel). Then I placed each drawing in the respective frames, resized them as needed, and exported to PDF.

(I think I’m going to start lettering in InDesign, because it shares many of the lettering tools that I need with Illustrator, and it is designed to a greater degree with text editing in mind. )

I reopened the PDF in Illustrator, and saved it as a low rez image perfect for web publication.

Lots of back and forth. Lots of room for improving efficiency, but I end up with a good layout, a high and low rez version of the comic.

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