35. Silent Exit

Today’s episode is an experiement with no words. Designed to play to the strengths (read: weaknesses) of the storyteller, this episode is designed to make you wonder just what has happened and what is going on in the head of the character. I think I’ve achieved the creation of that giant question mark in readers’ minds on two levels, only one of which is actually intentional.

An Audio Daily Double for all you people out there:
What theme song do you expect to follow HBO’s static logo bumper thing? You know, that ’shhhhhhhHAAAAAAHHHhhh’

First, I had the Sex in the City DVDs, so it was programmed in my head to hear the ‘Doot doot DOOT doo” of that (incredibly irritating after multiple listens) theme song. Then I started in on the Sopranos, and for a long time, I expected the ‘Dum didda dum didda dum didda dum’ of the Sopranos theme.

But there are a few brief glimpses in my mind of other show themes like Curb Your Enthusiasm’s “Bomp bomp bomp deedly-deet deet deedly-deet deet deet deet dee”

Or Deadwood’s oddly ethereal initial strains…”bum-DO do, Do DO do, do DO do, flannel-annal-annal”.

Rome’s theme never caught on with me, so that wasn’t an issue. And I guess, that’s about it for shows watched regularly enough to be engrained and trigger the Pavlovian response of a theme song being heard in my head.

I do have Carnivale in my Netflix queue, though. Maybe that will add a new one.

And Song of Fire and Ice is supposed to be coming sometime in the next few years, which may add to the ranks. As well as a potential for the Dark Tower, but that seems to be heading in the direction of the big screen, according to this interview.

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