30. Derek

A new employee takes his first steps in the world of the Q. And he catches a little of the back of Kautz’s heel as he does so, and it pulls the shoe a little ways off of the foot of our favorite holy, bald chef. It’s irritating when that happens. It’s happened to all of us.

I’m crabby this morning. Mostly due to lack of sleep. I was awakened at an early, early hour by an urgent call from Nature. And when I made it back to bed, I somehow forgot how to go back to sleep.

And that makes me crabby. I need sleep. If I don’t get sleep, I get crabby, I get lazy, I don’t get stuff done, which makes me even more crabby, and for some reason, I become less of a pleasure to be around (according to my wife).

She has the day off, incidentally. A well-earned vacation. And she’s made the unwise decision to plan to paint the house all weekend long.

Episode 30, btw
We’ve made it to episode 30 as of today. Officially the half way point.