29. Golden Boy

Holly finally gets a break today. Things might not turn out so bad after all for our friends at the Q.

Comic Creation Minutiae ‘07 #3Dscf0384-1
Two new pieces of equipment made it into my armory these last few weeks.

Today’s episode marks the first strip that I really was comfortable using the new brush (round size 0) that I bought. I experimented with it in all of this week’s episodes and a few last week as well, but this was when I really got comfortable with it.

I still have much to learn (control, control, you must learn CONTROL!), but the huge variety of lines that you can get with a brush surpass the nib pen, which I still use for finer details. But I used the brush for everything in this strip except for the hard lines of some of the inanimate objects, like the chair and the phone.

These brushes are very long, like, a FOOT long. So I snapped it off at about 5 inches. Also, the brush is very narrow, which hindered control and was a little uncomfortable, so I wrapped tape around the neck where I put my fingers.
I also bought a lead holder. I had just been using a mechanical pencil with blue non-photo leads, but it doesn’t erase well at all. And I wanted to focus on improving my pencil drawings, which meant having the ability to erase now and again. This tool is what most American comics artists use, and it’s kind of like a cross between a mechanical pencil and a regular pencil.

Automatic Jack 2

Dscf0385Yesterday, I received my new iPod, and while it is no substitute for the original Automatic Jack, it will do nicely. I heartily recommend that folks in the market for a new iPod or a Macintosh check out the refurbished section of Apple.com. Much cheaper with the same warranty.

The one complaint I have, aside from having to settle for a black one, (I like the white, and I now see that they have white ones back in stock), is that my old Titanium powerbook, 2Jane, (who’s pushing 4 years old here soon) doesn’t have USB 2.0 ports. And Apple got rid of the Firewire from the current gen of iPods. So I’m stuck syncing 30 gigs of music through a stirring straw.

I could buy a USB 2.0 card, but it’s not worth the clutter. It’s the first sync that’s the painful one. I’ll be fine until I can make a return trip to the Apple store for a new Macbook. Which, unfortunately, won’t be any time soon.