27. The Parade of Dregs

Holly begins the interviewing process, and she discovers the pleasure of meeting new people and scrutenizing them like you would any commodity you’re about to take a significant financial chance on.

It’s fun to try to anticipate just what might go wrong with someone you’ve just met.

Medical Status: Burbley
Whatever it was that plagued me this weekend has retreated to the depths and is all but vanquished. The only evidence of its passing (disgusting pun or eloquent language, YOU HAVE TO DECIDE!!) is the smoldering battlefield of my innards and the gurgling moans of the enemy’s dying soldiers.

I survived a full day of work. I slept through the entire night. And I stand before you now, sipping coffee, quite comfortable, and ready to solve the world’s problems.

Anticipation of Dinner Tonight
I’ve been craving a certain side dish for a few weeks now, since I first and last ate it. I got the recipe from Rachel Ray, but she says that it’s been around since Roman times. It’s Spinach and Cannellini beans with garlic. You thaw out frozen spinich, wring out the water. Drain and rinse the beans. Chop up a few cloves of garlic. Heat a skillet on medium, and toss all of the above in there and cook for a few minutes until it’s all heated through. Salt and pepper to taste.

It reminded me of garlic mashed potatoes because the beans get a little mooshy and stick to the spinach, and the two elements combine to present you a potato-y sort of flavor that’s really set off with the garlic. Soooo good. Even reheated, which the taters can’t really pull off that well.

It’s listed in Rachel’s book as a side dish to a really simple, really tasty butter, noodles and parm recipe, and if my busy busy wife gets home in time, I’m going to make it a-tonight.

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