24. One more thing...

Pulled back from the precipice that so many of us have dangled our feet over, Earl is given some incentive today.

Things continue to be nutty busy and such round these parts. Despite my little catch-up break, I’m still somehow not feeling on top of the mess.

And to make matters worse, my iPod died last week. Just decided that it wanted to not work no more. And it’s really quite surprising just how much I miss the little guy.

Maybe it’s the grief talking, but typically, when a gadget dies, it’s exciting, because that means I get to buy a new toy, right? But that silver lining isn’t really with me this time. It did everything that I needed. The space was sufficient to hold my library, it still held it’s charge after three years of nearly solid, every-day use. I don’t want another one.

A Final Farewell
There lies Automatic Jack. Through good times and bad, you were with me. Summer and winter. Car, bus, and train. Laps around Lake Nokomis won’t be the same without you. Workouts in the living room will seem empty and may well burn fewer calories.

The long and dreary drives to Fargo and other places West will still be long and dreary, but you won’t be there to drown out the bad music the wife insists on listening to.

Three years was long enough for your warranty to expire on your parts, but it wasn’t long enough for me to be ready to replace you with a shiny, new, full color, movie playin’, even more storage space model.

Almost, but not quite.

So let’s all take a moment of silence for poor Automatic Jack. iPod…gadget…friend.

And something to take away the pain…
This episode in the ongoing antics of That Phone Guy.

Love that first “No!”

(Merlin Mann is the guy behind 43 Folders, which some of you may or may not have heard of)