23. Bantam

Earl is exercising his power today. Not that it’s going to get him anywhere.

Power is a curious thing. I wield it magnanimously in my household, where I am king, but there are those out there who are either more clumsy, or too vicious with it.

Earl is one of those people who has been waiting his entire life to get his hands on some. And now that he has it, he’s like dotting his ‘i’s with a Magnum.

I was up at 6am this morning, shovel in hand, to take care of the stuff that fell yesterday. And as much as it sucked, it is a proven fact that it is more pleasurable to shovel snow when it is well below zero (powder) than it is to shovel when it is above freezing (frickin’ cement).

It also helps when you can listen to an interesting interview with the late Robert Anton Wilson on your iPod.

I have acquired a recording of a 9-hour interview covering a wide range of subjects from his childhood to his discovery of writing and philosophy, to a discussion on writing in E-Prime and the influences of Joyce and Pound and many other writers.

I’m only in hour 3 at this point, but it’s fascinating to hear this guy talk.

The interviewer is a little lame, reminding me of the kids in college who could almost talk the talk, maybe fooling people who weren’t students of the subject matter. But, like a good interviewer, he stays out of the way most of the time.