19. The three rules of HR

Holly’s reverie is cut short as she’s hit across the nose with responsibility. And my disdain for those who work in the HR industry becomes evident.

(Hi, Poops! How’s work today?)

Sweated by the sweatpants
I spent yesterday in sweatpants. I haven’t worn sweatpants in years, but yesterday just seemed like the day to do it. So I took out my old pair of navy blue sweatpants, the pair that I’ve had for what must be going on 15 years now.

They don’t fit so good anymore.

But they felt great. For the first while.

I have sensitive skin, and since it’s winter time, and the air is so dry, the elastic around the ankles started to chafe, and then the static electricity began to build up between fabric and leg hair, and then the drawstring got all tangled up in some of the threads that have been coming looks around the waistband, causing a little more adventure than usual when it came time to use the bathroom.

And what’s more, it seems that I, as emotionally teflon-like and immune to all outside influence and opinion 100%, am susceptible to the notion that only lazy, good-for-nothing people spend the day in sweatpants. Because I wrapped up the day, having made good progress on a number of projects, and even having fully completed a comic and a blog entry a full 9 hours ahead of time, feeling like I was a slug.

I guess the clothes do, indeed, make the man.

So, why don’t I feel this way when I work the whole day through in my flannel PJs?