12. A Learning Experience

When starting a new job, it is important to set your boundaries early. Just as Paco has done in today’s episode.

I often lead into an encounter with someone that I don’t know by dominating them. I speak loudly, I trample on the ends of their sentences, and I make frequent physical contact in the form of quick punches to the shoulders, sternum, and solar plexus.

I didn’t get ahead on my artwork this weekend. I meant to. Really. I had grand visions of completing 2 strips per day, ripping right into Monday’s drawing time with gusto and having a good 1 week cushion of completed comics.

However, that did not come to pass. I accomplished nothing.

Well, I did make a tasty chicken dumpling soup to reward the wife and the father-in-law for some successful plumbing work on Sunday. We are now squeaky, leaky sink-less in this house!

Well done, plumbers! Well done.