11. First Days

In today’s episode, Paco finally gets the spotlight as we find him on his first day at his new job.

Paco’s history is brief, having only appeared in a handful of strips before this point. He hasn’t been seen since the beginning of Season 2, where he walked off the job due to Holly’s implicating him in a complicated scheme to steal money from the register.

Innocent and furious, Paco left the Q-Burger, never to return.

Das Monday
It’s Monday. Lots of people hate Monday. I like Monday. Nothing like a fresh start to the week.

Except for when you have to get out of bed to go shovel snow.

Except for when you get done with the shoveling, you feel like you’re going to barf.

And except for when the barfy feeling persists for an hour or so.

I don’t know why I felt barfy. I don’t like to feel barfy. I shouldn’t be the one who feels barfy. There’s a woman in my house who has a good reason to feel barfy. I don’t have a reason. I’m hale and healthy and of good cheer. There’s nothing that merits the barfy feeling.

Manufacturing Elmer
Speaking of the barfy woman (who actually hasn’t barfed, but has spent a few mornings in bed with a stack of saltines THREATENING to barf), I’d like to share some space-age images of the construction project that’s going on inside my wife. Note the noble, regal Fuddian profile.


Yog-Sothoth Requires Sleep

And here are a few snaps I took of Yog-Sothoth sleeping in a catbed created by my mother to appease Him. Note the scale of fireplace to mammoth Cat-God. Also, note the fury in his eyes as His nap is disturbed by “puny insect with flashing light”. (I only recently regained full use of my mind.)