8. Char-marks

The morning is here, and a new comic is born. Today we learn the secret of the fabled char-mark from a pudgy man in a tie.

Wireless, man
I spent this past evening setting up a wireless network for my parents, and I must say that the folks at Linksys have done a remarkable job improving their setup process from the horrifying ordeal that it was not 4 years ago.

We went from no wireless to wireless in not 15 minutes. And half of that time was spent opening the boxes, it seemed to me.

I can rebuild it. I have the technology.
High-speed access is a new addition in their household, and until tonight, only one of their three computers (a couple in their 60’s with THREE COMPUTERS??? BWHAA???S) could sip from the ethernet cable at once. It was like a deep sea rescue in the movies, where the hero and the rescuee share the same oxygen tube.

But now that everyone is breathing the sweet, sweet TCP/IP, it was time to run Windows update. My mom’s machine is the one who suffered the most from data deprivation, so it was only a mild surprise when I discovered that it was roughly 3 years behind in it’s patches. So I ran updates throughout the night, with the culmination being XP SP 2.

And here we are this morning, and there are still MORE.

But, by and large, this visit was free of anxiety (aside from a slight dust up about IE 7 and the change and unfamiliarity that it brought into this peaceful, rural Minnesota household)

I don’t miss living in the tech support world.

Pzizz fails where boring man succeeds
I had a hell of a time falling asleep last night. I normally doze off while reading a comic book and listening to the soothing sounds of Pzizz, the sleep maker. But last night, I just couldn’t make it happen. So I broke out the big guns: The guy with the 50’s voice reading Asimov’s Foundation.

Whoo, that guy does the trick every time. I presented some modicum of challenge to him last night, lasting nearly an hour, but he won out, piledriving me into unconsciousness one nasal word at a time.

I love Pzizz. I’m not a nap taker, and I never thought that the price tag would be worth the effort, but after trying it out one day, then one week, I realized that this little autogenerating soundtrack to sleeping was the answer I was looking for.

I now get a 20 minute nap nearly every day, right about 2 or 3 when everyone’s feeling a little dopey, and I’m a better man, because of it.