1. Headcount

2007: Year of the Budgie
And we begin the new year with a new look, and an early comic.
I figured that if I waited until tomorrow to post the first episode, it would throw things off, so I’ll add a little bonus here for all the early birds.
The site’s still a little rough around the edges, as you may have notcied, but things will be smoothed out as things progress.
I’m not sure how well my old blog entries will be able to come over, but I’ll work on that problem, also, as things progress.
2007: First Breakfast, Last Rites For The Old Ways
I’m going to start out 2007 by making my wife breakfast. I’m going to make Wafflewiches, a recipe provided by the excitable and charismatic, and increasingly omnipresent Rachael Ray.
Most of the 7 people who read this probably know this by now, but my wife is a little pregnant. So I do what I can around the house to try to make things easier.
I’ve started putting dirty clothes actually IN the hamper so she doesn’t have to search for them.
I don’t yell anymore when she doesn’t get what I wanted from the grocery store. I’ve found a stern talking-to accomplishes the desired result just as efficiently.
When she goes out to shovel the freshly fallen snow, I’ll suggest she make herself a nice cup of cocoa do drink, lifting mine for her to see as an example.
And I’ll be making breakfast this morning. A special event to mark the beginning of this special year in which every thing in our lives shall change. By the end of May, the little bundle of joy (me, in this case) will be witness to the arrival of something incredibly frightening.
So this breakfast is more in the vein of comfort food for me, really.
2007: Here’s To Error-free Checkwriting and Good Friends
Thanks to the Rogaar-folk for hosting a lovely evening to usher in this new tick on the Great Arbitrary Odometer.
And so we bid adieu to the season of giving and spending and eating and drinking, and we glumly take the first steps into the long, barren stretch of calendar that lies between now and my birthday (the only other REAL important day in the year) but it is not without hope.
For soon my spawn will walk this Earth, seeking out my enemies and destroying them where they sit quivering and quaking in fear of my wrath.
Happy New Year!